St Norbert's
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Year 4     Miss Mentzel        Term 6

WOW! It’s been a busy Summer Term for Year 4 so and you have all done really well!

We have had great fun learning about The Stone Age, building Stonehenge out of Lego and using clay to create Stone Age homes. We have also learnt a lot about Animal, exploring their habitats and how they have adapted to suit different areas! 

Our Topic question this term is ‘How can we navigate our area?’ We will be learning all about maps, looking at the important role of a key and how to use this effectively. We will be learning how to use compass points accurately and developing our geographical vocabulary, including key words such as Longitude and Latitude. 

On Tuesdays, we will be developing our ball skills through Tag Rugby and Hockey practise. Thursday’s session will be outdoors, led by Premier Sports. Make sure you have suitable kit to keep you warm, including outdoor trainers as the weather is rather chilly!

Our Big Question for this topic is ‘Why are bridge builders important in life?’

Our RE topic entitled ‘Building Bridges’ is all about Reconciliation and forgiveness in order to build bridges with each other. We will be exploring scriptures such as The Good Shepherd, Luke15, 3-7 to learn how the Sacrament of Reconciliation brings us back to God, who absolves us of our sins.

Dear Lord,

Although my love of family and friends is always there,

Sometimes I lose my way,

Help me to have the love, grace and wisdom to pursue reconciliation,

To learn to build bridges with others,

And to follow the path of Jesus.


Here are a few useful hints and tips to help you do your best in learning at home and at school!

Keep Smart: Make sure you arrive at school on time, always do your best and wear your uniform smartly. You must have your name in everything, including P.E. kit so that things don’t get lost or mixed up.

Be Independent: Are you remembering to hand in letters and money to me and to give letters to adults at home? Extra letters are kept in the folder on my desk so make sure you collect any letters you may have missed!

Keep Healthy: Remember you can bring a water bottle (with your name on) to school and place it in the blue tray in class. It is important to keep hydrated throughout the day. Remember to take bottles home every day, for a good wash. 

Keep Practising: Always remember to read at home and bring your school reading book to school every day. Practise those spellings daily and keep learning those times tables - try to improve your test score every week.

Keep Up The Good Work: Make sure you do your best and enjoy doing your homework. If you are finding it tricky, you can always talk to us about it, or a grown up could write a note in your homework book. Homework is given out on Fridays and you must bring it back by the following Wednesday.

Useful Websites
To help you with your learning, I have put some websites below for you to use. 

Article 17: Every child has the right to reliable information and should be information that the children understand.