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 Year 3             Mrs Franklin          Term 6

Class Newsletter 

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Article 10-Families who live in different countries should be allowed to move between those countries so that parents and children can stay in contact, or get back together as a family. 

Welcome back Year 3 hope you have re-charged your batteries and are all set for a fun packed, trip filled, final term as Year 3!

I hope that you enjoyed a restful break with your children. After a busy Term 5 it has been lovely to see all of Year 3 back and eager and enthusiastic for their final term, as well as being excited about our new topic. 

The children had a wonderful term based around our topic ‘Mountains and waterfalls’ which seemed to inspire some fantastic home learning. It is lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and wishing to extend their knowledge in their own time. 

During the topic the children travelled all over the world, finding well known mountains and waterfalls to research and investigate. We learnt about places such as Snowdon, Mount Everest, The Golden falls in Iceland and Angel Falls. The children inspired each other through their excitement of finding out new facts and information about different places. Well done. 

Our theme for literacy this term is the rain forest. Over the course of the term the children will travel all over the world, delving into the depths of the rainforest to discover the animals that live there and gain an understanding of their habitats. The children will be able to locate rainforest locations on world maps and discuss their climates. 

Our theme for R.E this term looks at Reconciliation and we will be discussing choices we have made, whether good or bad and identifying what consequences these choices have for both ourselves and others. We will discuss the importance of forgiveness and show how we can follow Jesus’ example.

Article 13- Children have the right to get and to share information, as long as the information is not damaging to them or to others.  

Keep your eyes open as we complete various activities we will post photographs on our class page to celebrate our achievements.

Useful Websites to support Learning:

BBC Schools 

Websites related to Where the Forest Meets the Sea:
Jeannie Baker’s website:

A YouTube video one class has made inspired by Where the Forest Meets the Sea:

Jeannie Baker made Where the Forest Meets the Sea into a 10 minute animated film which won the 1988 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Australian Animated film. The film can be bought at the following website:

Biography of Jeannie Baker:

Summary and images of Where the Forest Meets the Sea:

Linking Where the Forest Meets the Sea with conservation and other children’s texts which discuss saving the wilderness:

A programme that teaches children about sustainability with a focus on texts written by Jeannie Baker:
A Window into our Environment - Sustainable Schools - Home

Conservation Websites:
These two websites both contain lists of high-quality, engaging and interactive environmental websites for kids:

A kids version of the National Geographic website, by searching terms such as ‘conservation’ on this website even more useful resources can be found:

Rainforest Rescue is one of the major players shaping the conservation of the Daintree rainforest:

The Wildlife preservation society of Queensland website addresses conservation issues regarding the Daintree rainforest:

YouTube Videos:
These two videos promote conservation of the Daintree rainforest

Images of the Daintree rainforest provided by Australian Geographic:

Canopy surfing in the Daintree rainforest:

Utube animation 

Video production of story

Jeannie Baker – the author 

Mirror by Jeannie Baker 

Collage Art ideas – Jeannie Baker

Daintree Forest Song

Rainforest sound track 

David Walliams Rainforest Song 

In the Jungle Song

I like to Move it – Madagascar 

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne 

Virtual Amazon Tour 

Catching fish

Age specific games which teach students about conservation:

I would play this educational game about creating habitats with the whole class over a programme of work:

‘Save the Trees’ game:

Many games and other resources on the ABC website have a conservation focus: