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 Year 3             Mrs Franklin          Term 5

Article 10-Families who live in different countries should be allowed to move between those countries so that parents and children can stay in contact, or get back together as a family. 

Welcome back Year 3 hope you have a restful Easter break and ready for another exciting term, filled with the wonders of our world!

This term is based around our question of ‘What is beautiful in our world?’ Firstly, a little quiz to get you thinking about our ‘Beautiful World.

Can you name the following five places in Great Britain?

As part of our topic this term we will be looking at geographical features of mountains and waterfalls around the world.

  • Have you climbed a mountain?
  • Have you seen a waterfall?

These questions and many more will be shared through our topic and include presenting information to the class through a topic based piece of homework. There will be opportunities each week for you to bring any objects, pictures, photographs or books, based around a geographical theme, places you may have visited.

Our theme for R.E this term looks at Pentecost and we will be focusing on the appearance of Jesus after the resurrection, the coming of the Holy Spirit, including how it is symbolised and the ways in which Pentecost is celebrated within the Christian church.

Using our theme of water we are going to be looking at the work of Hokusai. We will use different paint techniques to create atmosphere in our pieces of work.

Article 10- If you live in a different country than your parents do, you have the right to be together in the same place.

Keep your eyes open as we complete various activities we will post photographs on our class page to celebrate our achievements.

Useful Websites to support Learning:

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