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Year 2          Miss Bools       Term 5

Article 17:  Every child has the right to reliable information from the media. This should be information that children can understand. Governments must help protect children from materials that could harm them.

Here we are at the most important term. This is the term when you will take the new tests that we have been working hard towards.  Remember that these are there for you to shine and show everyone how fabulous you are. 

You will continue to work with myself and Mrs Amess during the week and on Friday’s you will have some time with Premier Sport and in the ICT suite on your focussed ICT learning.  Mrs Jameson will also work with you on your calculation skills one afternoon a week.

At home you can help yourself get ready by:  

  • Play on Sumdog – Use your login at home and practise those Maths games.  
  • Learn your spellings- You have been getting spellings for a while now and it is important that you practise your words a little every day, this will mean that you will remember them and use them in your writing which will help improve the quality of your work.  
  • Practise your Reading- You all get a reading book from school to read at home.  Remember as well as reading the books it is important to talk about what is happening in the story.  
  • Complete Homework Tasks- Make sure you do your best and try doing your homework by yourself in a quiet place, so that you have a good practice of the things we have been doing in school. If you have any difficulties you can always talk to us about it, or a grown up could write a note on your homework. You will get homework on Fridays and you must bring it back by the next Thursday.  
  • Learn your times tables- Remember that we are focusing on the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s.  

What are we going to be learning in Term 5?
Our next topic is ‘How do things change and develop?’  We have already talked about this question and have thought about the different ways we can explore this topic.  As always you have come up with some really interesting and creative ideas.  As the term goes on we will be investigating and exploring the Science theme of plants, we will look at the different ways that seeds and bulbs grow and learn about the life cycle of plants and trees. In ICT you are going to be developing your word processing skills so that you can type your learning up more efficiently.  We will also be learning about The Great Fire of London, what happened and how we know so much about it.

In English we will start by learning about Diary writing and before then looking at information texts and poetry.

In our Maths learning we will be covering many different areas from multiplication, division and the ways that we can apply this to using money.

We are starting the term by looking at a new topic called ‘Spread The Word’.  We will then have a week focusing on another faith, we will be learning about Hinduism.  After that we will start our sacramental topic of Reconciliation. Recite this prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance:

Holy Spirit, 

Guide me to make the right choices today. 

Help me to take on new challenges and love others. 


To help you with your learning I have put some websites below for you to use. And don’t forget that we have all the amazing activities on the ‘Sumdog’ website that you can explore. Maybe you have a favourite website that you use.  Let me know the address and we can add it to the website.