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Year 2          Miss Bools       Term 3

Class Newsletter

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!  I hope you all had a great Christmas break.  We had an action packed Term 2.  Not only did we learn lots about the Continents and Oceans of the world we also worked with Year 1 and Reception to put on an amazing Nativity Play- Gabriel’[s Big Break. 

This term you will have PE on a Friday with Mr Spooner focusing on Gymnastics. Mrs Jameson will teach you on a Thursday afternoon, mainly focusing on SPAG and Writing skills. 

During Term 3 we will start preparing for some special tests that Year 2 children take towards the end of Year 2.  The important thing is that you don’t need to worry about these tests at all.  They will be about all the Maths, English and Reading skills you have learnt about and you will be able to ask questions and take your time when completing the tests.  As well as the work we do in school, it is important that you also prepare at home.  I will help you with this by setting homework questions that will be like some of the test questions.  In Guided Reading and Englsih we will also continue to look at some reading comprehension style activities. 

 At home you can help yourself get ready by: 

  • Play on Sumdog – Use your login at home and practise those Maths games.   
  • Learn your spellings- You have been getting spellings for a while now and it is important that you practise your words a little every day, this will mean that you will remember them and use them in your writing which will help improve the quality of your work.  
  • Practise your Reading – You all get a reading book from school to read at home.  Remember as well as reading the books it is important to talk about what is happening in the story.  Think about the discussions we have about the texts we read in Guided Reading. 
  • Learn your times tables- Make sure you practice those 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.  This term we will also be learning our 4 x tables. You need to practice every week to keep improving those scores on your weekly tests. 

What are we going to be learning in Term 3? 

Our next topic is ‘Who are the Great Explorers?’    

We have already talked about this question and have thought about the different aspects that we might want to learn about.        

In our Science work we are going to focus our learning on everyday materials and their uses.

In English are using the life of Emilia Earhart and using this to develop our writing skills, we will look at information text writing, story writing and instructions.

In our Maths learning we will be covering many different areas from place value, addition and subtraction, weight and multiplication.  Remember to keep practising those times tables 


We will start our new term by looking at the topic of ‘Books’. We will then explore our Sacramental topic looking at the importance of the Eucharist before leading into our Lenten Topic in Term 4.         

To help you with your learning I have put some websites below for you to use. And don’t forget that we have all the amazing activities on the ‘Sumdog’ website that you can explore. Maybe you have a favourite website that you use?  Let me know the address and we can add it to the website. 

Remember to say your prayers every day.  Here is one you can use: 

O my God, you love me, 

You’re with me day and night. 

I want to love you always, 

In all I do and say. 

I’ll try to please you, Father, 

Bless me through this day. 


Article 17: Every child has the right to reliable information and should be iformation that the children understand.