St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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Year 1       Miss Blacoe      Term 1

Article 30: You have the right to practice your own culture, language or religion.

Welcome to Year 1. I hope you enjoyed the summer break and were able to relax and catch-up with family and friends and are now ready for a new school year. 

This term is based around our question ‘How are humans and animals different?’ where we will be looking at different types of animals from all over the world, finding out about where they live and the different foods they like to eat. There will be opportunities each week for you to bring any objects, pictures or books, based around our topic, so talk to your parents and grandparents about what favourite animals they may have, any animals you may have seen at the zoo, or even how you care for your pets at home.

In English, we will be looking at the stories of Dear Zoo, learning about different animals, as well as learning how to write simple sentences and different types of words. Later in the term, we will look at Percy Park Keeper and the friends he has, learning about his job at the park and the habitat the animals live in. We will even be writing our own version of the stories.

In RE, our topic is families. We have shared who is part of our family at home and are beginning to understand that we can be part of other types of family too, such as the school and the parish. We are also learning that Jesus grew up in a family as well and was loved and cared for by his parents.

 Article 9- You have the right to be part of a family.

Let us pray:

 Father, creator of all,

You ordered the earth to bring forth life

And crowned its goodness by,

 creating family life.

Teach us the beauty of human love,

Show us the value of family life

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