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Special Events 2017-2018

We have many special events and themed days throughout the school year, here are just some of the events we have recently had in and out of school. 

Year 6 Visit WW2 Museum   

Year 6 Visit-November 2017
PC McMurray visited Year 6 as part of their RE topic on Vocation and Commitment. In full Police Dress uniform, PC McMurray was able to share his life journey and his calling to be part of Her Majesty’s Police Service, serving the Crown. The children asked some very deep questions about his role as an officer and the fact that he has placed his life at the service of the public. The children were very pleased to have welcomed PC McMurray into Year 6, having taken their notes, gathered key information for their topic and been able to share their understanding of commitment with him. 


Reception Bike Licences-May 2017
Over the last few weeks, children in Reception have been developing their balancing skills on our balance bikes. Once confident, they have moved on to the pedal bike, showing great determination to ride a bike on their own and have received their pedal bike licence.


Book Week/ Narnia Day March 2017
St Norbert’s delved into the world of Narnia to celebrate reading and the renovation of our library. Pupils and staff took part by dressing up in wonderful costumes and engaging in a range of exciting Narnia themed activities.

Whilst activities were taking place in classrooms, Miss Whyles and Mrs Whyles were very busy in the library designing and painting a magical Narnia wall mural. The new design brings our library to life, immersing pupils into the world of Narnia and creating a wonderful space where pupils can sit, relax and read for pleasure. 


Year 4 Residential  Caythorpe February 2017
Year 4 embarked upon an exciting adventure to Caythorpe last term. They embraced every challenge they were given, despite the low temperatures and snow! The pupils took part in a wide range of activities, including Fencing, High Ropes and ZipWire. Archery was a great success! The children showed fantastic listening skills and there were a few Robin Hood’s hitting the bulls eye! 


Charelie and the Chocolate Factory Workshop
Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came to life for Year 4 with an exciting drama workshop based on their class book. It inspired the children to think, in depth, about the characters and their personalities, by showing their great drama skills, freeze framing in the parts of Mike Teavee, Verruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Charlie himself. Before lunch the pupils had the chance to design their own sweet!

The children became Willy Wonka’s amazing chewing gum machine and imagined eating their very own “Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum!” The children worked in groups of five to create their own machine and reactions after eating their sweets. They then created a goodbye dance and presented it to the rest of the class. 


BLP STEM Day- 17th January 2017
Science invasion at St Norbert’s Primary School!The whole of St Norbert’s Primary school shared in a massive STEAM Challenge day. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 

The day consisted of each class being set a Movie challenge to help the characters in their specific film. For example, the Year 6 children were challenged with ‘The Angry Birds’ Movie, which required them to help Chuck, Big Red and Bomb (Characters from the Movie) save the eggs. As part of the day the children across the school were challenged to use their communication skills to discuss a range of problems they had been given, in order to solve and help the characters in their movie. 

STEAM Day activities

STEAM Challenge cards  

Awards December 2017
St Norbert’s has just received a letter from the Rt Hon John Hayes M.P., congratulating us on being named as Primary School of the Year, 2016.  This is one of three recent awards which the school has received – the other two being the Silver ‘Artsmark Award’ and a commendation from Nick Gibbs, M.P. (Minister of State for School Standards) for our outstanding Phonics results in 2016. Pictured above are Miss Bools, Miss Blacoe and Miss Whyles with children from Years 1, 2 and 5 displaying the three awards.  


Briars November 2016
This week the Briars visit took place, it was a fun filled experience. It all started with a journey to Bonsall and an exhilarating caving experience deep underground in Derbyshire. We learnt lots about lead mining and industry of the past. We then made our way to the Briars where we completed team and group games, abseiling and climbing. We joined in prayer and lead liturgy and participated in an amazing group Mass with the team and Fr. Dave. We really enjoyed the fresh air,beautiful autumnal scenery and time for spiritual growth. 


Education Awards 2016
We are delighted to inform parents and pupils that St Norbert’s Catholic Primary School were acclaimed as ‘Primary School of the Year’ at the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian Education Awards on Thursday, November 10th at the South Holland Centre.   

European Day of Languages- 26th September 2016
We celebrated the European Day of Languages. We would like to thank everyone who came along to our European Café  in the morning in our school hall. Thank you to all parents who donated their favourite food or baked dishes for this occassion.

Mums and Kids Survival Day- 14th July 2016 
The school saw a survival special extravaganza for mums and their children! It was a morning of surviving the rocky mountains, rafting through deep rivers and rapids and constructing their own survival shelters to protect themselves from the ravages of the wild!