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School Council

Our school council plays an integral part of the decision making process at St. Norbert’s Catholic Primary School. Pupils in the school elect two children per class to sit on the School Council.  Our School Council consists of fourteen pupils from Reception to Year 6. 

The main aim of the school council is to give the children of Saint Norbert’s a voice. However, its other objectives are: to solve problems making the school a happy place where we can learn, play with friends and have fun; to lead by example showing respect to the whole school community; to work as a team and improve areas of the school for the benefit of all the pupils and to bring to the Council ideas and suggestions of all the children in the school.

The Council meets weekly and is led by the school’s Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Withers. Through the meetings, children are encouraged to raise issues and help solve problems that affect their daily experience in school. They can also elect to work on projects to enhance school life.

The School Council is a thoroughly rewarding and exciting experience for the children of Saint Norbert’s. It requires commitment and hard work, it also allows the children to meet people from different walks of life, share experiences with new friends and learn life skills and values.

School Council members for this year are:

Reception- Tallulah and Charlie

Year 1- Malachai and Samanta

Year 2 Maja and Liam   

Year 3 Gabby and Sabine 

Year 4 Mija and Marco  

Year 5 Jamie and Francesca

Year 6 Codie and Laura 

  Saint Norbert's School Council Action Plan 2016-2017


Target Type


Steps to Success



School Community Targets

To enhance profile of reading for enjoyment and make the library an engaging and vibrant place to be.

SDP: Key Improvement 1

  • Research items that can enhance reading enjoyment in library-cushions, ornaments, den and even lighting. Research how to use new class devices to promote reading.
  • Hold council vote to decide which items to purchase.
  • Organise fundraising events to raise money.
  • To create a chart to show the fundraising money we collected/ show our in provident. 
  • Create a table/3D visual display to be updated termly by councillors as models of good reading.

To be decided at meetings see folder or chairman for details.

April 2017

To enhance school council website page.

SDP: Key Improvement 2

  • Create school council blog or contribute to twitter feed.
  • Raise profile of pupil voice.
  • Share online how we have addressed ideas from class suggestion boxes/including review of previous year’s actions.

To be decided at meetings see folder or chairman for details.

December 2017

Local Community Target

To explore how we can “include all” and celebrate diversity in the Spalding area.

SDP: Key Improvement 4

  • Contact local school councils and organise cluster meetings to share ideas.
  • Explore joint school diversity/celebration projects and funding.
  • Share ideas/events between schools via blogs/twitter feeds.
  • Visit Residential homes and Dementia Café to sing and entertain residents including first world war poetry recitals for November.

To be decided at meetings see folder or chairman for details.

July 2017

Local Community Target

To make twice annual donation to Agape Food bank in Spalding.

SDP: Key Improvement 5

  • Advertise Agape donation day once every term.
  • Collect and deliver items to Lighthouse Church.

All Council

Ongoing throughout school year.

Global Community Target

Raise money for charitable causes to help deprived children in less economically developed countries.

SDP: Key Improvement 5

  • Organise various fundraising events throughout year including car wash day and sponsored events.
  • Fundraise for CAFOD
  • Research and organise UNICEF new appeals.
  • Launch Save the children Christmas jumper fundraising event.

To be decided at meetings see folder or chairman for details.

Ongoing throughout school year.

What have the school council achieved? - This document gives more information on the school councils successes over the last academic year.

Article 13-Children have the right to get to and share information, as long as the information is not damaging to them or to others