St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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Extra Curricular Clubs

Clubs September-Friday 20th October 2017.

Club Day Time Leader
Running Club Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm Mr Morton/Miss Bools 
Craft Club  Tuesday  3.15-4.15pm Mrs Withers
Performing Arts  Wednesday  12.00-12.30pm Premier Perfoming Arts 
Athletics Club  Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm Mrs Bradley/Miss Blacoe
Gardening Club  Wednesday 12.00-12.30pm Mr Morton/Miss Blacoe 
Tennis Club  Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm Miss Mentzel 
Drama Thursday 3.15-4.15pm Miss Wilmot
Cricket Thursday 3.15-4.15pm Premier Sport
Football Friday 3.15pm-4.15pm  Elite Sports

If you would like your child to take part in a club please contact the school office to check there is space available. If you have any ideas for school clubs that you would like to see please contact Miss Blacoe who organises the clubs each term.

Article 31: Children have the right to relax and play and to join in a wide range of cultural , artistic and recreational activities.