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Safeguarding and E-Safety

Safeguarding Adults

Phil Callow

Mrs Jenna Withers 

Acting Headteacher

Mr Sam Morten 

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sharon Bools

SLT & Safeguarding Lead

Mr Phil Callow

Safeguarding Governor

Keeping children safe in St. Norbert’s School is everybody's responsibility.  Safeguarding children and young people means protecting them from abuse or neglect, getting the right support in place as early as possible and creating an environment in which children and young people feel safe and healthy.

We all have a personal responsibility to notice when a child or young person may be at risk of harm and pass our concerns to someone who can act to protect them.

 Our Key principles are:

  • Always see the child first. 
  • Never do nothing.
  • Do with, not to, others.
  • Do the simple things better.
  • Have conversations, build relationships.

 With these principles in mind, St.Norbert’s School takes the welfare of children in our care very seriously. Our staff and governors have been trained on safeguarding in line with the KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE IN EDUCATION document and follow the principles of WORKING TOGETHER TO SAFEGUARD CHILDREN. We also take part in 'PREVENT'. We also provide a weekly Safeguarding update, which is compulsory for all staff to access and read in addition to annual training following our 5 Year Pathway Plan. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jenna Withers

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Sam Morton or Sharon Bools

Our local contact numbers are:


Safeguarding of children concerns (Children living in Lincolnshire)



01522 782111

Lincolnshire's Children's Services Customer Service Centre for reporting concerns and Early Help Team for Advice


01522 782333 (6pm-8am + weekends and Bank Holidays)

Emergency Duty Team


Allegations against /concerns about adult(s) working with children


Staff must report concerns to the headteacher or in the event of concerns about the headteacher concerns must be reported to the Chair of Governors. 


The Head/Chair must contact LADO to discuss concerns & course of action.

Lincolnshire Local Authority Designated Officers (LADO)

Rachel Powis

01522 554674


Police (Emergency)

Police (Non Emergency)




01522 947590 (Lincolnshire Police Public Protection Unit, Central Referral Unit)

Safeguarding Children Officer (Education Settings) for advice around safeguarding policy, audits etc.

01522 554695

Ruth Fox

Stay Safe Partnership  'Safeguarding in Schools' tab


Please take time to look at the short video and our Safeguarding policy below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting  any of the Safeguarding Team who will be able to provide you with support and advice.

Safeguarding Policy

LCC Child Protection Policy

LCC School Safeguarding 


E-Safety               Report abuse button

Email mobiles

At Saint Norbert's School we have produced an e-Safety Parent Pocket Guide that has lots more information for parents-- DOWNLOAD E-SAFETY PPG

Parent Info is a  place for parents to go to find out more information on keeping children safe online. 



E Safety learn about it



Fortnite Parent Guide  as seen on the Newsletter dated 19th October 2018.

If you’re between 4 and 11, you probably know a lot about using the internet.

We’ve created this area for you to show you what we think is good, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations.

If you know something we don’t, or you want to get involved in helping to make our website better take a minute to tell a member of our staff. 

Useful Websites


details details  

Saint Norbert's Digital Leaders have produced a leaflet on Child Search Engines. Click here to read the leaflet they have produced. 

Parent Pocket Guides




Help your child deal with bullying