St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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At Saint Norbert's School we follow the Lincolnshire County Council published school holidays. All holidays should be taken in the school holiday time. It is at the Headteachers discretion whether time off is authorised in term time. It will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and where the child has good attendance of over 97%. If you decide to take your child out of school and it is not authorised you may have to pay a fine.

Attendance letter September 2017

2017-2018 Term Dates 


Theatre Production 23/01/2018

In school for all children 2pm. 

This is paid for by The Friends of Saint Norbert's School. 

Year 3 Class Worship 24/01/2018

In school at 2.50pm

St Norbert's at Work Morning 06/02/2018

Year 4 Residential 07/02/2018

Children depart Wednesday 7th  and return Friday 9th February 2018.

Year 2 Prayer Service 07/02/2018

In Year 2 Classroom at 9.30am 

Last Day of Term 3 09/02/2018

Children finish at 3.15pm 

First Day of Term 4 19/02/2018

Children return to school at 8.55am 

Year 4 Class Worship 21/02/2018

In school at 2.50pm 

EYFS Class Worship 28/02/2018

In school at 2.50pm 

Year 1 Class Worship 07/03/2018

Mothers Afternoon 09/03/2018

BLP Day 28/03/2018

The Great Artists Art Appreciation

Last Day of Term 4 28/03/2018

Children finish at 3.15pm 

INSET DAY 29/03/2018

School is closed to children. 

First Day of Term 5 16/04/2018

Bank Holiday 07/05/2018

School closed on this day 

Last Day of Term 5 25/05/2018

First Day of Term 6 04/06/2018

Last Day of Term 6 20/07/2018