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Sporting Events

  Year 5/6 Football 14/11/2017
The first football game of the year saw St Norbert’s take on John Harrox’s at the Moulton school. With 11 fine footballers in the team, hopes of a good game was in the air, and the faithful supporters cheering us on helped massively. The first half was a slow start for St Norbert’s with most of the play on the defensive, but brilliant defending by Erin and George allowed the score to stay 0-0 from the first 10 minutes. The team was doing brilliantly well to stop John Harrox’s from scoring but it couldn’t last forever, even with Amila and Jamie throwing themselves in goal to stop the ball going in. The first half came to an end with the score at 3-0 to John Harrox’s.

The second half started and straight away there was a more positive vibe coming from the team as they played. The ball was being passed around and allowing Tom and Harley to make runs and get up the pitch towards the goal. Again like the first half the defence did their up most to stop any attack from slipping through towards goal, Alan and Jerry stopping John Harrox’s in this half. With the team pushing so hard to find a goal it was only a matter of time before Harrox’s found a way through and score which they did. But this did not bring St Norbert’s down, they push until the final whistle, Vincent having shots on goal and Harley having what would have been a wonder strike if it wasn’t for the post.

The game ended 6-0 which isn’t the result that we were looking for and not the result deserved from all the hard work each of the 11 did on the pitch.         

School Cross Country - October 2017
The last day of this term saw the first house competition of the year. Year 4, 5 and 6 were all battling it out for their house’s. The race took place on a 200 metre lap of the field, for 10 minutes. As normal with our luck the race began at the same time as the rain, brilliant! But all that were taking part were not deterred by this and carried on regardless racking up the laps for their house.

The results;

St Frances, 135 laps, 27 Km

St Lucy, 131 laps, 26.2 Km

St Dominic, 126 laps, 25.2 Km

St Bernadette, 126 laps, 25.2 Km

So for this first house competition the winners are ST FRANCES! Big well done to all in St Frances for doing a fantastic job.      

Tag Rugby - October 2017 

This Tuesday saw pupils from year 3 and 4, head to the Spalding Grammar rugby pitches for a School Games tag rugby festival. After being split into separate groups, the fun began. The morning was a mixture of getting to know the basi

cs of tag rugby, plus a few mini games in each group. Training was stopped for a quick bit of lunch in the icy wind, allowing some time for all to catch their breath before the tournament started. After lunch the proper games began, two leagues with 5 teams in each, playing each other in 5 minute games.

All the games were very tight and many St Norberts children ran in tries and made many tackles, which was great to see. After all the of the fun of the games, the presentation took place and we had 2 winners, Daniel Delon’s team came first in his league and did fantastically well himself, our other winner was Archie Chester who made many tackles on the way to his team winning their league. A great day out by all who took part and well done to all for putting so much effort in on such a bitterly cold day. 

Cross Country - September 2017 

Wednesday saw us competing within a multi school, School Gmes, cross country event at the Spalding Grammar School. With 20 of St-Norbert’s finest runners from year 3,4,5 and 6, taking part in the day, hopes were high with the running talent on show. There were 4 races overall during the day with around 140 children per race.

The first race was the year 5/6 boys, they all did brilliantly well and came in 7th place as a school with Harley Hall the best of this race for the boys. After this it was the turn of the year 5/6 girls and with the rest of the school runners and teachers cheering them all on they did amazing coming in 5th place, with a special mention to Erin McMurray, who out of the 140 odd children running in her race came in 10th place! Next the year 3/4 boys had a go and managed to match the achievement of the year 5/6 boys with 7th place, with Ethan Stoffel coming over the line in 38th in a strong race. Last but not least the year 3/4 girls had their turn to run and did one better than their boy counterparts by coming 6th and all doing extremely well, Siyanda Mlalazi coming across the line in 47th place. A brilliant morning of running by all, which they all should be proud of!!!      

Sports Day- July 2017
Pupils in KS1 and 2 took part in our annual sports day. The morning started with KS2 pupils competing in a range of sports including football and basketball, as well as enjoying some fitness activities to develop their agility and stamina. The children worked extremely hard to score points for their individual houses and demonstrated some excellent sportsmanship qualities by supporting and encouraging one another. The morning was brought to a close with the pupils enjoying flat races in their year groups. In the afternoon KS1 took part in a carousel of activities working on a range of skills including balancing, throwing and target aiming. The children were supported by Year 6, who were extremely helpful towards the younger children through their demonstrations and offers of guidance. The day was filled with great successes and the level of team work and sportsmanship by all involved was second to none. Thank you to all the parents and family members, who were able to enjoy the day with us.

KS2 house results


St Lucy – 1112      St Francis – 1101      St Dominic – 1072     St Bernadette - 951


KS1 House results


St Lucy – 1506     St Dominic – 1495     St Francis – 1464     St Bernadette - 1443


Rounders Tournament- June 2017
The rain held off just until they’d finished the last game on Tuesday for the Agilitas Year 6 Rounders Tournament at the Spalding Rugby Club. 9 pupils took part playing 3 group games, winning 1 game and losing 2. Team captain Angelika demonstrated good sportsmanship and fantastic catching skills. Well done to all involved!

Volleyball Tournament March 2017 
Three teams from Year 5 and 6 had fun taking part in the Volleyball tournament that took place at Spalding High School. The teams finished 8th, 12th and 21st place. Well done to all the children who took part in this event. 

Hockey Tournament- February 2017
St Norbert's fielded two teams in last week's Primary School's tournament held at Surfleet. Both teams are improving their team play and skills as the year progresses. St Norbert's A team finished the day with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats.  St Norbert's B won 1 of their 4 games, with 3 narrow defeats. The teams now look towards the next tournament in March. Thank you to all parents for their continued support for both teams. 

Dance Showcase- 19th December 2016
The end of term celebrated the successes of Years 4, 5 and 6 who showcased historical dance pieces to both the school and parents. The children who have been working alongside Premier Performing Arts, were able to choreograph dances linked to their topics, including an Egyptian dance by Year 6, based around the pharaohs and a Tudor  dance from Year 4, styling their movement on similar dances from the period. Year 5 finished the morning, with a superb piece devised from the Victorian era.  

Hockey Tournament- 25th November 2016
St. Norbert’s took part in a another exciting hockey tournament at Glen Park, Surfleet. The organised tournament in association with Spalding Hockey Club, started with a win from the A team and a draw for the B team. The B team went on to have one of their greatest tournaments to date winning two of their played games and only facing one loss overall. The A team fought fantastically, despite losing one of their games and came out to win their final game without conceding any goals. A superb effort by all. 

Summer Games- 7th July 2016

Congratulations to our Quicksticks team who played in the regional competition at Grantham Meres leisure Centre. We were unbeaten in every match acored a total of 32 goals on the day. The team came back to school triumphant and are now Quicksticks Lincolnshire Champions. Well done.

Sports Day- 22nd June 2016
St. Norbert’s 2016 Sports Day was a huge success despite the rain trying desperately to interfere with the enjoyment and competitive spirit of all the children. The day began with Key Stage 2 children sharing a Rio Olympic style warm-up to prepare for their House team events which included Tag-Rugby, Football, Cross-Country, Netball, Target practice, shot-putt, Trim-Trail and a selection of problem solving activities. The children demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and engagement across all of the events with some children beating their original pre-sports day records! The afternoon was dedicated to Key Stage 1 who enjoyed a break in the weather to collaborate in their houses to successfully complete a range of skill building activities including, target shooting, balance and coordination challenges and hockey slalom before embarking on their flat races to conclude another successful sporting year!