St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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Religious Education

For all children Religious Education is a proper subject in its own right in the school’s curriculum. It is a rigorous academic discipline, and as such it is to be taught, developed and resourced with the same commitment as any other subject.  For those already engaged in the journey of faith Religious Education will be catechesis, and for some children Religious Education will be evangelisation, the first opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel.” (RE Curriculum Directory p.10)

As a Catholic School RE is one of the core subjects alongside Literacy and Numeracy.  In St Norbert’s Catholic Primary School we follow the scheme recommended by the Nottingham Diocese Education Service, ‘Come and See’.  This scheme works on a topic based approach under pinned by the four key constitutions of The Second Vatican Council’.  These are: Revelation through hearing God’s word, Christian Living, the Church and Liturgy and celebration.  Each RE topic is taught over four weeks where the children explore the themes of the unit, experience the revelation of the topic in more detail through looking at scripture readings in the Bible and responding by sharing in worships and liturgies linked to the topic.  Approximately two and a half hours of RE is taught each week. Other faiths are taught through topic work and there is a whole school focus on Judaism in Autumn Term and another faith in the Summer Term.

Collective Worship
Collective Worship plays a fundamental part of our school life. Each morning the children share and reflect upon different readings from the Bible and pray together, this is called Collective Worship.  In addition to this there is Collective Worship where the school come together every day (see timetable below). In addition to this the school also participates in Masses throughout the year reflecting the liturgical year.  These take place in the school and from time to time at St Norbert’s Catholic Church. 

Monday- Gospel Worship to reflect upon the Gospel reading of the previous Sunday, The Parish Chaplaincy Team supports the school and attend Gospel worship every Monday. 

Tuesday- Key Stage Worship using statements to live by children meet as a key stage to reflect on God’s World.

Wednesday-on a rota basis classes lead this worship sharing the learning in RE.

Thursday– Praise and Worship– an opportunity to sing our praises.

Friday-Celebration Worship– celebrate successes and achievements throughout the week.

To view the current terms Worship timetable please see the Collective Worship page of the school website.

Sexual Relationship Education
The school follows a scheme called ‘All That I Am’ as recommended by the Nottingham Diocese.  This is covered in Year 5 and 6 and covers not only the physical and emotional changes that children experience but also social and spiritual well-being as well. This is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Parents are always informed of when the scheme will commence and are advised of their legal right to withdraw a child.