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Phil Callow – Safeguarding Governor Visit.

In November 2015 I completed one of my two annual Safeguarding school visits. The purpose of the visit is to help the team within St Norbert’s to keep up to date with changes in legislation and legal responsibilities around safeguarding.

This visit we looked at the previous visit actions required to ensure they were completed, for example the fitting of a CCTV camera near the entrance gate. We also look at the Single Central Record for staff and helpers to ensure we are meeting our legal responsibilities on keeping records and checking identity. We also look at the training completed within the school, as well as recent policy changes. We also conduct a walk around school to try and spot any areas of the premises that may present a safeguarding issues (for example boundary fencing, door magnetic releases etc). It is similar to the health and safety walk around, but with a focus specifically on safeguarding. We also conducted an audit of the schools safeguarding setup against questionnaires to again ensure we are meeting the requirements set out by government.

Once the visit has occurred a report is submitted to governors to show work completed as part of the visit. The safeguarding governor role is very interesting and it is great to see that St Norbert’s takes it responsibilities very seriously.