St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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Collective Worship

The school nurtures and promotes the Catholic faith through its programme of Religious Education and the day-to-day organisation and relationships so that the spiritual presence of Jesus Christ is clearly evident to all and His teachings are reflected in every aspect of school life.

Collective Worship

The school gathers together on a daily basis to share in the Good News.  Each day there is a different focus for the worship.

MONDAY– Gospel Worship at 9am

TUESDAY– Key Stage Worship (KS1 at 10am & KS2 at 9am)

WEDNESDAY– Class Worship at 2:45pm

THURSDAY– Praise and Worship at 9am

FRIDAY– Celebration Worship at 9am

Gospel Worship– this is an opportunity to share and reflect upon the Gospel reading from the Sunday Mass.

Key Stage Worship– children meet as a Key Stage and follow the pattern of Statements to Live By, as directed by the Diocese.

Class Worship– Each class takes it in turn to lead a worship for the whole school.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to share in this worship at 2:45pm. A schedule of this is available on the website.

Praise and Worship– the children prepare hymns and worship songs for forthcoming events throughout the school year.

Celebration Worship– this worship is focussed upon celebrating the learning that has taken place each week.  One child from each class is selected and presented with a certificate for ‘pupil of the week’, recognising the excellence shown in their learning.

 Parents are invited to join us for Class Mass and Class Collective Worship, the collective worship will be held in the hall and the Class Mass/Prayer Service will be held in the classrooms.

 September 2017- December 2017

13th September 2017 New School Year Mass at 9.30am in school 
20th September 2017 Year 4 Collective Worship at 2.50pm  
27th September 2017 Year 2 Collective Worship at 2.50pm
4th October 2017 Year 3 Collective Worship at 2.50pm
11th October 2017 Year 4 Class Mass at 9.30am 
18th October 2017 Year 5 Collective Worship at 2.50pm
20th October 2017 Harvest Service in school at 1.30pm
1st November 2017 Al Saints Mass at Church 9.45am
8th November 2017 Year 1 Collective Worship at 2.50pm
10th November 2017 Remembrance Service at school 1.30pm 
15th November 2017 Year 6 Class Mass at 9.30am
22nd November 2017 EYFS Collective Worship at 2.50pm
29th November 2017 Year 4 Collective Worship at 2.50pm
6th December 2017 Advent Reconciliation Service in school at 1.30pm
14th December 2017 KS2 Carol Concert at Church 6pm 
18th December 2017 Advent Mass at 1.30pm in school 

Article 14- You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs. Your parents should help you decide what is right and what is wrong, and what is best for you.