St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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The Arts (Art, DT, Dance, Drama, Music)

At St. Norbert’s Catholic Primary School we believe that the Arts (Art, DT, dance, drama, music and creative writing) contribute to the development of the whole child by allowing for the personal exploration and expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings; through sensory, musical, physical and aesthetic experiences.

The Arts help to develop children’s perception of the world through visual and physical means, a communication of self-expression and help children to interpret the world around them.

We believe that all children should be given opportunities to acquire and refine skills and techniques in all areas of the Arts and that they should be supported in reflecting upon, adapting, developing and improving their work.  Through these processes the children then acquire an understanding and appreciation of all art forms from a variety of cultures, styles and periods in history.

Learning in the Arts contributes to every child’s intellectual, creative, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual, moral, social and physical development.  It also promotes positive attitudes to race, culture and equal opportunities for all.

Elements of the Arts are interwoven into all areas of the curriculum to enrich and enliven the learning of all children and developed further through creative and carefully planned BLP (Building Learning Power)Days.